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BCPTA Leadership

PTA Executive Board members

Please join us at the March PTA Meeting where we will hold elections for the next PTA Board

for Bollinger Canyon Elementary.  

Here are the nominations:

List of nominations for board.

PTA Chairpersons


Student Education Programs 

  • Birthday Books Chair, Lorissa Wayne

  • Family Reading Night Chairs, Meghan Liese and Suneet Kahlon

  • Reflections Chair, Trisha Gunning

  • Spelling Bee Chair, Adriane Marsh

  • Science Night Chair, Kim Lawrence

Open Positions:

  • Breakfast Book Club

  • Special Needs Chair


Community Building Programs

  • Inclusion and Diversity Chair, Sudhir Singh

  • Back to School Hospitality Chair, Rosie Esquivias

  • Donuts with Loved Ones Chair, Rosie Esquivias

  • International Festival Co-Chair,  Suneet Kahlon

Open Positions

  • Sister School Chair          

  • Family Focused Hospitality Events           

  • International Festival Co-Chair  

  • PTA Honorary Service Awards Chair         

  • Talent Show Co-Chairs


Fundraiser and School Support

  • Teacher Appreciation Co-Chairs, Madelene Kane & Lisa Daver

  • Kids Night Out Chairs, Sofia Vasania

  • Restaurant Nights Fundraising Chair, Audrey Pao

Open Positions:

  • Volunteer Service Chair

  • Library Liaison  

  • Fifth Grade Promotion Chair       

  • Room Parent Coordinator           

  • Spirit Wear Chair             

  • Membership Chair


  • Marquee: Lanelle Bold​​​​​​​

Open Positions:

  • Newsletter Editor

  • Yearbook Chair